Entry 61 or artsy stuffs

Besides tedious bug fixing and iteration, drawing is the slowest bit. But the results can be appreciated better. You don’t really see fixed bugs, but you do see a new tree.

Here are some of the props we have with a few more variations:

Not exactly stellar, but now it doesn’t look all monotonous when there is just 1 flower type and 3/4 variations is more than enough to build a cool propped terrain. (P.S. the shadows are missing, so they don’t sit great, but it’s WIP.)

Since we never finished the “new” collectors, time to revert to the old ones (from end of October last year) with a “painterly” facelift:

I think they are quite cool. They are different in looks to towers and keeps, but that’s what happens with >1 drawer and style. Not that I can call myself that — this took forever and still is.

Here are island houses (library, brewery, telescope, pub):

In addition to most of Phil’s work (library, pub, base for others), I worked a little on missing/incomplete bits getting these ready for “final art” stage. (I swear I’ve said that a dozen times.) I’d really love these to have damaged/destroyed versions, that the player can upgrade to renewed ones, but that’s half the work of drawing full ones…

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