Entry 63 or slow evolution of towers

I’ve posted this a little before, but here are a few of the “areal” projectile mechanics and stuff. Air tower + ash tower = ash projectiles being blown at enemies:

I fixed the shadows, lights, ranges, etc. for once. Similarly a tremor tower stomps the ground and nearby plants produce more gas clouds, also blown by air:

Here’s the inferno tower. It doesn’t look like much and the projectile is pretty lame, but it’s an area effect. It has a short range, so it’s best placed in corner and such.

Originally, we wanted to have waves of fire and stuff come from the tower itself, but that’s a bit on the complex side and the sprite requirements are pretty steep at best.

Here’s tornado tower spewing out tornadoes one at a time. These are also aoe damage and can be affected by wind (air tower). We have a few cool ideas what to do with them.

Tornado lives far longer than any other projectile. Even longer than ash/poison clouds. So I made additional transitions for these two — grow and fade. Small, new tornadoes quickly grow from nothing to full size and expiring tornadoes slowly fade away.

Here’s a superunit in works. Look at these subtle details and intricate features!

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