Entry 68 with many menus

So much stuff  that needs doing is now… fluff. I can code half a day and then in the end go — well, what can I show for this? Ummmm…. yeah. I guess Phil’s sprites is the only consolation when we get some visual stuffs.


So, first, of all, new menus and controls. So there go my old sprites… again.

Here’s an options screen and some more fluff:


Phil’s also made a nice little graphic and accompanying sprites for the overworld/map:

This is basically the mission screen where you can start available missions and replay old missions. It still needs more fluff to it, but we’re getting there.

Nothing more visual at this point. I’ve been remaking the collectors, but I’ll post that when they’re done. And I don’t think I have the patience to go into the codey tedious bits. May be I’ll post some of that stuffs later.

But yeah, no kidding about last 20% being 80% of work…

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