Entry 72 with more of somewhat artsy stuff

A few artsy things for the game, mostly sprucing up the worlds (air, water) with least props/tiles. I made a rocky (probably impassable) terrain for air world:

It came out too photo-realistic, I even painted over it to get rid of that. But with over two dozen tiles, it’s a pain to fix them all while maintaining seamless borders. Besides, all the other air tiles are too photo-realistic too so it balances out :P Also the photo came from a stone pile in my back yard. So this is all original.

I also converted a few trees into their desert equivalents:

And I made some original sprites:

Took me long enough, but I quite like them. Came out better than I would have expected of myself. I’m slightly worried about my/Phil style difference, but oh well… Less worry, more happy!

I also (re)made some purple swamp pumpkins or purplekins and a whole new Venus fly-trap plant:

I like how these came out. And that’s all that matters.

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