Entry 73 with more juice

Firstly, let me say that “juicy” sounds much better than “fluff”, and if you are reading this you should watch this video. Anyway, short update.

Firstly, I made the progress bar for upgrading (and non-interfering with health bar):

Then I made cutesy little tower level indicator icons (since I don’t have a much better way to do this):

And then, here are not-enough-resources-to-fire tower indicators:

I will make the icons animated (flash border and scale) to make them more lively and attract attention.

I say this a lot, but–on their own–these features are not complicated at all and don’t take any time in any decent coder’s hands. But I can’t stress enough or properly explain how interdependent things get in a large, complex codebase. No matter how elegant, future-planned and well-designed the code is, you can never account for every possibility. So eventually some feature will require rewriting existing code or modifying it in a way that will break a bunch of other stuff. But this not being a nuclear facility, I can ignore those small breaks. Unfortunately, that grow like weeds and I’m a very lazy gardener. But I digress.

Finally, certain levels now can give the player a constant stream of resources once those are captured:

This can be strategically important and the difference can be amount to being able to build an extra tower or two per a dozen of those without any boosts. And that, in TDs, can sometimes be a deciding factor.

I’ve also worked on a new level (a total of 40) layout (all shown for clarity):

This is a bit more complex than that and there’s a lot of planning:

New levels get unlocked only when certain other levels are completed, and some levels unlock more, some don’t. The player progresses through theĀ  fourworlds roughly in a sequence, but with many exceptions and side-levels. I wanted the game to shift between the four worlds and not just randomly weave them all together. It should all be retty organic and with a little flavor text I think we can pull this off.

And last, but not least, island landing at level start-up:

This is pretty much what it sounds like. The island starts in the air and lands with a thud, before the level fully commences. I’m in progress of making the title nice, but here’s WIP:

It fades in and out, so it looks pretty decent.

Long time, no post. And me, myself and I are to blame. But, progress! And that is what matters!

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