Entry 74 with further tower improvements

So Typhoon tower! It’s been a long and rough ride everyone, with lots of cool ideas that went largely unimplemented. I would like to blame me and… wait, where was I going with this?

So here was the initial idea drawn by Phil for the typhoon tower:

Great, right? Well, yes, indeed. That would be quite, pardon the usage, … epic. However, and may be I’m just too thick here, but this is so impossible to code nicely using just sprites. And the number of sprites I actually need! Not going into detail here, let’s just say this has been discussed to death with more than one person… May be I’ll think of something some day.

Instead, here’s a bubbly bubble 2.0. The above is Phil’s concept art and below is projectile flying/impact animations:

Nice and painterly :) Still a bit sh…ady, but it will do. Besides, we’re on the clock here people! So in-game these look pretty decent, except typhoon tower will need something done to it to “explain” the projectile.

Or, you know, I could cheat and make the projectile shoot from the tower’s dish below and add some sparkly water clouds to cover it up. Sounds good.

To make this more useful and unique, the tower will shoot several projectiles (easier said than implemented, thankfully I already did this for vulcano tower):

Thus bigger groups and corners are the best place for this tower. From coding perspective, I just need to make sure the same unit isn’t targeted twice. Also shooting after the animation rather than before proved to be somewhat weird to implement. After all, the tower needs to find a target, then animate, then shoot before making sure the target is still there, there are still enough resources, etc. Basically another hackidy hack in a hack spaghetti.

Finally, I began implementing something I wanted to implement for ages now — polarized lightning towers:

Lightning towers are pretty much the coolest tower in-game, I think. So it makes sense to have improvements for them. Now, polarity towers only shoot towards each other and zap everything in their way. So they need to be positioned properly. But I’ll talk about this once I implement it.

I also worked a bit on transform buttons and how they look and what they show:

I sometimes forget myself what upgrades into what, so I want to make sure the player can see it clearly whenever they are about to do something. So if they build an earth tower and are about to build and inferno tower, they know they could transform it into vulcano tower later. Plus, the actual tower sprites instead of element icons makes is so much more organic and easy to identify.

Anyhooves, back to work.

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