Entry 75 with hot air

Been a while (again). What can I say, real life is a female canine. Anywho.


A wild Air tower appears! (Who is my most useless primary tower? Yes you are, oh yes you are!) The issue here is its primary designation (one of the main four tower) versus its poor initial utility (doesn’t do any direct damage and needs much later towers for its combinations). Not to mention it doesn’t consume any resources or stop blowing at any time (and the player can’t really control this) due to it’s wind mechanics. Is it even worth reiterating the code is a mess?

So one of the “obvious” solutions is to make it interact directly with mobs, in this case — slow down flying mobs. Air mobs being almost separate from other mobs is generally one of the big TD game aspects. And I can surely use it as well. I already have the melon flying mob, so it’s not too hard to code in:

Tower’s conical shape is best used on turns, so some planning has to go into this. Also air is a very precious commodity for super powerful lightning towers, so one wouldn’t want to build too many air towers either.

As with Ice tower, I need to make sure it’s not completely overpowered. After all, slowing a mob down 2x times means basically time for 2x more damage. Granted, all the other following mobs are still there (and also generally slowed), and the towers still need to do the same amount of damage. But it does create interesting scenarios for splash damage towers. I suppose this is somewhat offset by the fact that it only affects flying mobs.

Tower fire modes

While not crucial for all towers, this is now required for gameplay for air tower. Does it blow when flying mob is in range — i.e. slow something directly; or does it blow when any mob is in range — i.e. blowing particles. (I guess I could semi-reliably detect this, but meh.) Or may be, just leave it always on or off. This could also be useful for ash or stomp tower, for example. So that’s at least four more buttons with tooltips, plus bunch of conditions for which towers accept what and how they act on that. Plus icon sprites, always sprites. Anyway, here’s the basic idea:

Obligatory rant

Too much actual work above, time for my daily rant of procra… I mean, reflection *snicker*. We had so many great ideas for how to use towers. Blow air to spread fires, direct currents, affect bunch of world objects, etc. etc. They say removal is as much polish as anything else — get rid of redundant, useless, impractical. But I’m sad to have so many ideas in my head and realize that hardly any of them will come to fruition. I guess that is the bane of ambitious projects — they start with a vision of a magnificent castle. As you work, you realize more and more that you will build at most a mansion. There will be no court room, no dance hall, no Doberman pen, no butler residence. I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t deal well with reality interfering with my visions. But who does, ey?

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