Hey! My name is Rudy and I’m an indie game programmer/developer from Latvia. I specialize in programming and software design, primarily frameworks, interactive systems and video games. This website is my blog/portfolio.

I’m generally available for part-time and sometimes full-time freelance work.


I have been programming since ten, now having about 20 years of coding experience. With a university degree, many self-taught courses and several years of professional freelancing combined, I have both theoretical and practical experience in over a dozen different programming languages — from high-level for stand-alone end-user applications to low-level embedded system controllers. I’ve worked with functional, imperative, object-oriented, and logic languages.

Currently my preferred combo is game development with C# for general purpose programming and Unity3D engine. I’ve been freelancing in game development for about 10 years, as well as working on some of my own games.

I’ve recently founded my indie game dev studio Snowy Ash Games and published my first “official” game.


I have a majors-equivalent in Maths and IT. I have a First-level Honours BSc and Merit MSc in programming, software design, game development and AI.


You can contact me at RudyTheDev at gmail or RudyTheDev on Skype.