Cats in Mechs

In development

Commissioned work on an upcoming top-down action adventure mobile game about mech combat with RPG elements and base-building. I’m currently working on the project as a programmer for core systems, gameplay, save system, procedural level generation and a whole lot more.

Game’s website.

Easy Voice

Unity plugin

A commissioned Unity editor extension that helps developers quickly and easily prototype in-game voice dialogue.

Easy Voice logo Easy Voice lines tab preview Easy Voice settings tab preview

Asset store link: Easy Voice; developer’s website

The Traveler

On Hold

A commissioned Ouya 2D top down sci-fi roguelite set in space. The gameplay consists of real-time exploration with turn based combat.

The Traveler exploration WIP The Traveler combat WIP The Traveler inventory WIP

Company website:

Djinn Tales


A commissioned prototype for an FPS fantasy project Djinn Tales — a steampunk/fantasy/adventure mix for PC. Includes an FPS camera, various movement controls, ladder climbing, ranged and melee weapons. A basic modular dialogue and quest system that allows interactive world objects and actors and allows easy editing for level designers.

Djinn Tales WIP - FPS viewport Djinn Tales WIP - editor window Djinn Tales WIP - dialogue window