I really have not posted anything with content for a while now. WordPress even managed to roll out a few updates in the meantime slightly changing the whole interface. I also got about 100 spam comments.

I’m still here, still willing to work on a video game. Note the intentionally indefinite use of “video game”. It won’t take a genius to conclude I may have (temporarily) shelved the actual whatsitname isometric game. Or have I? Well, yes, for the past 3 months I have. Am I on a summer vacation? What silliness, I’m just lazy.

O.K., O.K., I am not that irresponsible. I did actually work a little more on the game itself:

I also went on a separate development “branch” where I had a great idea for a spaceship/AI/sandbox kind of game:

I actually quite like the idea, but I fear the project is too big for me to take it on as the “first” game. I won’t go into details, because I don’t want to accidentally convince myself to do it.

Finally, the vast majority of my time went into a theoretical platform shooter/survival/RPG game. Practically, I made a platformer with a little gameplay:

I’m actually rather proud of this and I see some potential in this (after the fact that half the indie games are platformers). Characters are made of several body parts, that can move independently. There is walking animation, holding and aiming the weapon in all direction, shooting, bullets, flashes and sounds. You can walk, jump, aim. There’s a map editor and some fast collision detection with a k-d node tree. Blah, blah, in short, enough to post some 10 blog posts. But I never did. I don’t know why… oh, wait, yes I do — because I am lazy.

I think this is what the majority of my problems boil down to. Laziness and short attention span. I am considering entering Ludum Dare at the end of August for a 48-hour game creation challenge. (May be if I say this out loud [on paper {in blog} ] I may actually do it.) I never have and this might be fun. May be someone will actually read my blog besides Google Bot, Yahoo Slurp and that third one no one uses.

Anyway, less typing, more coding!

Wow! I haven’t posted for a long time

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