As promised, I entered Ludum Dare 48-hour game making competition and submitted my game, called “Soul Hellscape” (entry here).

In this sandboxy game you help trapped souls by placing your “Holy Light” beam that attracts them and lets you guide them to the Gate of Hell, where they can escape. All while several types of baddies attempt to nibble on the delicious, innocent souls. You can zap them with a “Divine Lightning”. Plus a few more fancy features.

Software: VS (C# + XNA), Photoshop, Maya, sfxr
Requires: Windows, .NET, XNA, mouse/keyboard

You can download and play it here:

XNA 4 redist:
.NET 4 redist:


The competition ended. I got some nice and some more… informative comments. :) Overall, I’m pretty glad with how it turned out. Even made a little motivational post about it. The final scores are (I think) above average. — 3.11/5 overall. That’s not in top 50, so *sad face*.

I guess what killed my scores is lack of graphics, lack of quirkiness, lack of nostalgia, complexity and lack of music. I must admit that the target audience is not quite what you would expect. After all, you get rated by the developers themselves. I won’t go into details of what I learned, let’s just say I took a few notes home.

As a rater, I rated 51% of the 599 games, and ended up 5th place on the “coolness” (raters) scale. Yay, me! And shame on those who didn’t rate a single game!

See you in December, Ludum Dare #22!

Soul Hellscape – Ludum Dare 48 entry
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