This is my portfolio page for games and other larger projects I’ve worked on.

River Hex Connect

Mobile game

A very small mobile puzzle game I made for Android and IOS where you have to rotate hex tiles in order to connect rivers. I focused on a simple mechanic and relaxing atmosphere. The work involved the whole project from start to completion, including publishing and some basic marketing.

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Cats in Mechs

In development

Commissioned work on an upcoming top-down action adventure mobile game about mech combat with RPG elements and base-building. I’m currently working on the project as a programmer for core systems, gameplay, save system, procedural level generation and a whole lot more.

Game’s website.

Easy Voice

Unity plugin

A commissioned Unity editor extension that helps developers quickly and easily prototype in-game voice dialogue.

Easy Voice logo Easy Voice lines tab preview Easy Voice settings tab preview

Asset store link: Easy Voice; developer’s website

The Traveler

On Hold

A commissioned Ouya 2D top down sci-fi roguelite set in space. The gameplay consists of real-time exploration with turn based combat.

The Traveler exploration WIP The Traveler combat WIP The Traveler inventory WIP

Company website:

Djinn Tales


A commissioned prototype for an FPS fantasy project Djinn Tales — a steampunk/fantasy/adventure mix for PC. Includes an FPS camera, various movement controls, ladder climbing, ranged and melee weapons. A basic modular dialogue and quest system that allows interactive world objects and actors and allows easy editing for level designers.

Djinn Tales WIP - FPS viewport Djinn Tales WIP - editor window Djinn Tales WIP - dialogue window


On Hold

Uproot is my (over-)ambitious RTS-que TD game. The main mechanic is using different elemental towers and upgrading them into unique and specific towers to kill incoming element-based mobs in the most efficient ways possible.

Uproot overworld view Uproot earth map Uproot fire map



Short Unity3d prototype

Paddle is a simple breakout (Arkanoid) clone I made while learning Unity. It is primarily procedural and code driven. While basic at its presentation, it contains all the core concept — 3d modeling, UV mapping, texturing and importing, scene setup, particle effects, and shaders, object physics and control, input processing, events and sounds.

Paddle gameplay screenshot - clean Paddle gameplay screenshot - some powerups and multiple balls Paddle gameplay screenshot - almost clear

Play in browser: Here.


Ludum Dare #22 72h competition entry

Braille was my and Phil’s LD#22 Jam entry for theme Alone. This highly atmospheric game is about a blind, home-hospitalized girl that wakes up one day with no one around. She can only “see” via sound and the player needs to create noise or “listen” for existing noise to explore the world. The level gets progressively more insane and the player has to wonder if it is for real. Phil did a commentary track. on the YouTubes. We placed #9 overall; #9 graphics; #6 theme and #3 mood out of 174 entries, which we are quite proud of.

Braille splashscreen Braille start - bed Braille bell tower Braille - nurse

Executable available here.

Soul Hellscape

Ludum Dare #20 48h competition entry

Soul Hellscape was my LD#20 48h solo entry for theme Escape. The player guides lost souls in hell to the exit gate while fighting off corrupt souls.

Executable available here.

Misadventurous Magician

University team Masters coursework project

This was my university game design and development team project where I had the lead programmer role. The game is about a magician that can actually do magic, albeit limited to only levitating certain kinds of objects one at a time within a fixed distance. He can move them and temporarily suspend them in air in order to solve puzzles. I also made a very versatile map editor, a whole load of obstacle collision and world object stuff, and an event scripting system.

All in all, this was a very cool project, and in the end we got voted the best game in the year’s module.

help Misadventerous Magician in-game map editor and scripting preview

Technical demos

Lightning Demo

I was playing around with shaders and learning a bunch about render targets and such. In the end, I got a pretty neat real-time light shading system working that supports colors, blending, sizes, and most importantly shadows/collisions. It’s a little slow for my linking, due to complexity and precision of using this particular method.

Lighting demo preview with multiple lights Lighting demo preview 2 Lighting demo shader and texture process overview

Older projects

I have a few other games that do not deserve as bright of a spotlight, nevertheless have their own page.

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